As the leading trade show for Advanced Contemporary Fashion, since 2003 PREMIUM has occupied the top spot on the international trade show scene. With more than 1,000 brands and 1,800 collections spread over an area of 33,000 m2, PREMIUM is the only trade show worldwide to present fashion and lifestyle on this scale and level of quality. At PREMIUM, we don’t just spot trends – we define them. Current lifestyle movements and global trends are analysed throughout the year and pioneering, commercial collections are carefully synchronised and presented. Thus, buyers from around the world are presented with a mix of international labels that have been selected with great care and precision. By including 25 % new brands each season, as well as integrating new, innovative concepts, PREMIUM guarantees trade visitors an inspiring insight into the future of fashion.

As a marketplace based on the principle of supply and demand, where business is at the forefront, PREMIUM works continually to further develop and enhance its service offering. The optimised services form the ideal basis for professional, efficient ways of working. PREMIUM constantly works hard to develop the service it offers as part of a marketplace where supply and demand are intrinsically linked and business takes the lead. The optimised B2B services provide the perfect foundation for professional and efficient work. Services include the PREMIUM App, linking all the events of the trad show trimvirate, consulting, the Easy Travel Package, the optimised admission service, the PREMIUM Brand Match Tool for an easy ordering process and to introduce buyers to relevant range of collections, including the app-based GPS navigation through the halls, as well as the shuttle service network that transports all visitors from PREMIUM to all trade shows included in the joint ticketing scheme, as well as to other relevant fashion hotspots.

-> How to maneuver the challenges of the digital world
The increasing globalization and the enhanced use of digital media including social media channels, changes the needs of the brands (Ehibitors) worldwide and damand the adjustment in all their communication strategies. ....

-> PREMIUM Group App
With the enhanced PREMIUM Group app, networking has never been easier: the app not only brings together all the information on PREMIUM, SEEK and BRIGHT, but, by scanning the applicable QR code, it also generates a customised list of stands, brands and new business contacts for optimal follow-up. Modern trade shows are predominantly a people business: more than ever, they go far beyond purely business thinking and act as content providers, networking platforms and innovation amplifiers all rolled into one. Inspiration for innovation is a more crucial factor than ever before for the industry, a fresh look at the future of fashion provides opportunities for progress and renewal. PREMIUM, SEEK and BRIGHT unify the whole spectrum of contemporary fashion at the Berlin-based location. This is where the new PREMIUM Group app comes in. For its relaunch it not only features an impressive new design, but its expanded networking and service features quite simply transform it into a state-of-the-art app for trade shows: to best prepare for the trade show, visitors can customise their profiles in advance by registering online with the Brand Match Tool, or, alternatively, complete this via the link to the app included on the ticket. The Brand Match Tool analyses store categories, segments, collections and pricing levels, as well as the chosen selection of styles and desired brands. The tool uses an algorithm to generate a choice of collections, including suitable new entrants, to match the customised brand list – for all three trade shows. From the list of bespoke recommendations the app maps out a route and helps the visitor navigate, via GPRS, quickly and securely to the respective stand on site. But that’s not all: the updated app has now become the ultimate networking tool! Exhibitors, buyers, and press can now network quickly and easily: interested in a particular stand? Simply scan the stand’s QR code using the PREMIUM Group app on your smartphone, or, alternatively, mark it in the brand list, and all the details on the stand will automatically be sent to your personalised favourites list. Made a new contact? It’s just as straightforward to scan the QR code on another visitor’s trade show ID badge and their contact details will then be stored automatically in your list. Afterwards, all trade show participants can call up their personalised reports in the app in order to follow up all the contacts they have made and the stands they have visited. The buying process has never been simpler! For exhibitors at PREMIUM, SEEK and BRIGHT a lead management option makes it easy to scan the badge of those visiting the stand, in order to generate a subsequent overview of all visitors to it during the trade show in a highly efficient way. Afterwards all the details on a respective visitor can be supplied. This renders the time-consuming, manual process of following up on business cards unnecessary, and contacts can be imported directly into a CRM system or e-mail program. The enhanced PREMIUM Group app of course includes all the crucial information on the three trend-setting trade shows: with the complete brand list including search function, it provides an overview of all information, plus the hall plans for all the trade shows. In addition, the app also provides information on all events and key sessions taking place during Fashion Week.

PREMIUM is the only fashion trade show to have worked with the Brand Match Tool over many seasons. This successful tool matches buyers and brands in a targeted way. At the point of registration, the retailer is prompted to enter relevant information regarding store category, current product lines, price level, styles and desired brands, etc. This data are analysed and saved in a personal profile. Upon request, the customised choice of collections are selected by means of an algorithm and provided as ideal selection. Buyers can retrieve their profiles on-site using the PREMIUM App and can follow their personalised route through the halls of the trade show with the help of the GPS-based navigation. In combination with the PREMIUM App, the Brand Match Tool provides buyers not only with known brands but support a recommendation of new brands, if applicable. PREMIUM thus offers buyers a useful tool to help them best prepare for their visit to the trade shows and work efficiently on site once there. Using the Brand Match Tool and the PREMIUM App is estimated to result in a time saving of approximately 40 %.

As part of the joint ticketing scheme, visitors in possession of a PREMIUM trade show badge also receive entry to SEEK, BRIGHT and Show & Order, as well as to the Green Showroom and the Ethical Fashion Show, which are all on the shuttle bus network. These services help buyers to complete their orders in a concentrated, efficient way.

Berlin has established itself as the exhibition marketplace at the heart of Europe. By offering a range of different trade fair formats, events and catwalk shows, Berlin gives industry professionals the chance to learn about everything that is happening in the world of international fashion, and to optimize their orders to the highest standards. With a wide range of offerings and a drive for innovation as the USPs of Berlin, the city has grown in recent decades to become an internationally relevant fashion capital with considerable economic influence.

With PREMIUM, SEEK and BRIGHT under the umbrella, the PREMIUM Group runs three of the most influential and most widely recognized international trade shows during Berlin Fashion Week, representing around 1,600 brands – 81% of them from foreign countries – over a total of 45,000 square meters. At PREMIUM you will meet the world of Advanced Contemporary Fashion. SEEK impresses with Urban Contemporary Menswear, and at BRIGHT waits Streetwear and Boardsports. With international visitors accounting for an average of 70% over all these three trade shows, the international appeal is very high.

With new labels making up 20 to 30% each season, as well as with continuously implementing innovative concepts, the group delivers a visionary snapshot of the market across all platforms without losing sight of the business needs. The PREMIUM Group with such a strong market presence is significantly influencing the economic growth and the international profile of Berlin as a trade show metropolis, which has grown into a successful marketplace and now subsequently plays a crucial role in shaping the international trade show scene.

In an individualized and continuously updated global society, fashion has developed into a highly complex and challenging area. Fashion trade shows, such as PREMIUM, SEEK and BRIGHT, thus have to be flexible, open-minded and innovative. They have to be proactive instead of just reactive. Always with its finger on the pulse, the PREMIUM Group uses all three platforms to showcase to industry precisely what the current market climate is calling for.
Within the individual market segments, the brand selections are checked season by season, choices are redefined, and incorporated into the program. Each of the three trade shows is very precisely geared towards the market conditions and demands of their specific target group. A constructive exchange is constantly taking place, one that breaks down barriers between fairs and optimizes portfolio profiles. As a marketplace they also work to bring supply and demand together within their individual segment. The result: clear structures, precise market positioning and a strict focus on business.

So, the future of fashion is set to be decided within Berlin’s exhibition triad, featuring PREMIUM, SEEK and BRIGHT, organized by PREMIUM Group which is widely recognized as a reliable business partner that prides itself on delivering the finest service, the PREMIUM Group’s strengths remain quality, expertise, commitment to vision and consistency.

Thanks to its focus on two locations in the heart of Berlin, the PREMIUM Group represents the fashion centres for contemporary fashion relevant to international trade. PREMIUM for Advanced Contemporary Fashion at STATION-Berlin,SEEK for Urban Contemporary Menswear and BRIGHT for Streetwear and Boardsports at the ARENA Berlin.


Guiseppe D’Amore, Managing Director at FGF Industry for Blauer
“This is our second time at PREMIUM and we like it here very much. PREMIUM is way more about fashion than other trade shows.”

Adrian Margelist, Creative Director at Liebeskind Berlin
“We like it at PREMIUM because it’s always good to be here. Berlin is our city and in the summer it’s even better. This week, we are celebrating urban happiness, groove talk and Liebeskind Berlin.”

Oliver Frielingsdorf, Managing Director at Gaastra International Sportswear B.V.
“This edition of PREMIUM has been very good for both our brands, Gaastra and McGregor. Next time, we’d like to bring Gaastra to Hall 3, but all in all we had great dialogues with our customers this season. Berlin is my favorite.”

Susann Nuru-Waage, Country Manager at Select Trading GmbH
“Including Tiger of Sweden, our agency is represented with five booths here. We are very satisfied with the positive resonance so far. I consider PREMIUM not only important for business, but above all, a brilliant marketing platform for our brands. It’s a must!“

Carsten Scheer, CEO at iQ Fashion GmbH, iQ+ Berlin
“For us, PREMIUM is the most successful event so far. From the moment we arrived, we were instantly having fun. We cooperated with the show as well to outfit the PREMIUM staff. All in all, we are very happy and the mood has been positive. A very good season.”